We offer quite flexible billing, from free personal plans to enterprise levels. Enable JavaScript to see up to date pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many team members can I connect?

    Unlimited. Feel free to share the token of your monitor with your team mates or even with public.

  • How will I be charged?

    We are using Stripe to process secure payments. Credit or Debit card is required for most plans.

  • Can I use Enso without credit card?

    Yeah free plan is available to all without any commitments.

  • What's the fair price for free plan?

    Price of a coffee at your place will do :)!

  • What about remote monitors?

    Remote monitors are the ones hosted on our platform and are therefore active all the time, have a dashboard, and have other features such as alerts.

  • What do you mean by unlimited local monitors?

    Local monitoring is done directly from your computer, meaning it doesn't cost us money for you to use it. Therefore we offer it free of charge.